Welcoming November

When I drove through Tennessee a few weeks back, we didn't simply change time zones. I'm fairly certain we hit a time portal that transported us back to the tail end of Summer. A redo of sorts, I suppose. The calendar may say November, but Charleston didn't get the memo.

I kind of miss Fall. Just before we left KC, the weather had begun to cool a bit and the leaves on all of the trees were beginning to change; warm reds and brilliant golds. Here, everything is still green. And the humidity, you guys. Wow! My body remembers the nuances of seasons in the Southeast though, even if my brain is still working to catch up. 

Here we are November. Let's rock this!

Saturday was gorgeous blue skies and mid-80's heat, so we decided to bring the boys to the Coastal Carolina Fair, right around the corner from our house. It was their first time at a fair and my first time back in a decade! And all I kept thinking as we stood in line at rides and passed rows of funnel cake and corndog stands is, HOW? How did I go TEN YEARS without the fair?? I LOVE the fair. I love the smells of fried everything and the thrill of the rides (is this tilt-a-whirl going to be the way I die? How do they get them up so fast? Oh, the fun of taking risks!). I love people-watching, because let's be honest, the look of terror when a ride begins followed by the immense relief of it being over, is quite funny to behold. 

The first ride the boys hopped on was called the Dragon Wagon. I saw it from across the Kiddieland entrance and practically squealed with joy as I jogged over. I was disappointed to learn that adults couldn't ride, mostly because I knew we weren't making it to the adult versions. The boys however, had a blast!

Then they rode the bumblebees. Ry stated as we were leaving that this was his favorite.

FINALLY, the adults were able to jump on and have a little fun! ps-Aren't you just so impressed with my photography skills? Nothing but the best for you guys! ;)

After schlepping around the fair a bit longer, we got going while the going was still good and headed to Isle of Palms. IOP was my mom's beach of choice when we were growing up. My favorite moment, even better than going to the beach itself perhaps, was crossing the Isle of Palms connector. We'd roll down all of the windows and stick our hands out as we whizzed past the marshes. And then we'd drive up, up, up until we reached the highest part of the bridge and there in front of us, laid out larger than life, was the ocean spreading across the horizon. It always looked (and still does today) as if the ocean was taller than the town. In my humble opinion, there's nothing like it. 

I can't describe how much it meant to me to share that with my boys. There is something immensely beautiful in connecting pieces of your past to your present. Something healing about it, too. 

One more for posterity purposes..

I'm so very thankful for this little life of mine. Even when it's hard and painful, lonely and exhausting. Even when I feel depleted and uninspired and fed up. Even when it seems like everything is going wrong, I still feel like I must be doing something right to be able to see the beauty in the mess. So much good. So much light and love. Cheers to a great weekend! Hope you had an equally fantastic one.

Jen Bosse, Over and Out.